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  • Coaches’ Corner 4/3/20 Your Ticket on How To Get With The Band

    These days, It seems one of the more confounding pieces of equipment being used in the gym is the elastic resistance band, but you might not have ever gotten an explanation as to exactly how, why, or when you are supposed to use them. The reality is that there are really only two main instances when bands should ever get called into usage: to stimulate the neurological component of strength building, and/or to provide a functional resistance for a movement that is executed in multiple planes. As we have discussed before in our other blog posts throughout the years, we know that there are multiple ways to develop strength within our muscles. But, sometimes, in the case of injury or ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 3/20/20 Goals, Part 1: weight loss

    Once you’ve gone through your needs analysis, and figured out what you want the destination of your fitness journey to look like, you’ve probably come to one of two conclusions: you either need to gain weight or lose weight to get where you want to be. Most people fall in one of these two categories (or for a select, advanced, group of people, you might need to gameplan for both scenarios!), so for our purposes of this article series, we will talk about the details of each of these two endeavors; starting with weight loss. The bottom line to keep in mind with weight loss, is there needs to be a calorie deficit, which basically means that there needs to be more (calories) ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 3/13/20 Protein: Feed the Beast

    In last week’s “Coaches’ Corner” we discussed glucose and the glycemic index (GI), and how those relate to your pre-workout fueling. The importance of the GI being that we need to find foods that are easily converted into glucose for the cells to use, while at the same time remaining in the bloodstream long enough for you to be powered through the entirety of your workout. But what happens when the workout is finished, the weights are back in the rack, and you are headed home from the gym; what are the nutrition guidelines you should follow then? We’re glad you asked. As you probably already know, our muscles are stressed and literally torn down through the ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 3/6/20 Glycemic Index: Any time is a great time for a workout!

    Last week we discussed what kind of foods to use for your pre-workout meal, and discovered that carbs worked best because they are the easiest to convert into glucose, or “cellular gasoline.” But what happens if you find yourself in a pinch and need to get a workout in at a moment’s notice, and don’t have time to chow down on a bowl of oatmeal? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on that as well. When it comes to pre-workout fueling, the amount of time you have before you start exercising will dictate what kind of foods you should consume. And, when we talk about timing of our meals, one important concept to understand is the glycemic index (GI). The GI ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 2/28/20 Glucose: your body’s natural pre-workout supplement!

    In this day and age, from a dietary standpoint, everyone seems to be jumping on the low-carb, high-protein and –fat train. This is due to an outburst of social media posts about massive body changes – mostly weight loss changes – causing a pop culture paradigm shift in people’s way of thinking about their macronutrient intake. Recently, I was asked by one of our clients that, if weight loss can be achieved so effectively by not eating carbohydrates, why do we as strength and conditioning coaches still request our clients and athletes to take in carbohydrates as a part of their daily diets? The answer lies in understanding a little cell biology. Glucose is a ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 2/21/20 Creatine: What Is It, and Do I Need It?

    Creatine is a naturally occurring energy-producing substance in your body that resides right inside your muscle cells. It is the primary energy source that our muscles use whenever we need to do high-intensity, short-duration activities (ie weightlifting, sprinting, jumping). Creatine is found in all of our bodies regardless of size, age, gender, or activity level. In the world of exercise, creatine supplementation becomes a common topic of discussion; who should actually be using the stuff? Creatine supplementation is very beneficial for any athlete or exerciser who is looking to gain strength and/or muscular size (hypertrophy). The reason for this is simple: if regularly occurring ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 2/14/20 The Flexible Coach

    Too often we as Coaches try to demand our athletes to adapt to our system or intentionally mold them to our “style”. Instead of adapting our skills to meet the needs of the individual athletes and create a specific plan for each of them. Coaches who have experienced varying levels of success, usually stick with what they know, which results in a program that treats each athlete exactly the same. These coaches create a platform they believe to be successful to train. Then, one by one, each athlete goes through the plan as written. This is called creating a “one-off” training program. In this scenario, the athletes are not recognized as individuals but are treated as ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 2/7/20 The Truthful Body

    Something is said to be “behaving truthfully,” or “functioning in its truth,” when the object is operating at the highest possible level of its intended use. For example:
    A pair of dull scissors might still be able to cut a piece of paper, but a True pair will be sharp, cut accurately and easily
    A shabby old coat might still keep you warmer than having no coat at all, but a True coat will be of the highest insulation, have secure closures and keep out the cold while keeping in the heat
    An old car might get you from point A to B, but a True care will run smoothly, have no risk of breaking down, and be fuel efficient The human body – which is also ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 1/31/20 Needs Analysis: Before You Can Achieve It, You Need To Dream It!

    Just like you can’t take a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been before without first looking at a map, you can’t take your body to a place it’s never been if you don’t know where you want to go either. Your needs analysis, therefore, is the map that will help you direct your body where you want it to be. Maybe you are looking to run a marathon in a few months; maybe you are an athlete needing to plan your offseason schedule before you make a run at the championship next year; maybe you are trying to hit a goal of deadlifting more than you have before; or maybe you are just trying to get to that certain body size before bikini season starts up! Whatever ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 1/24/20 Basics of Adaptations to Strength Training

    There are few things in life more frustrating than waiting for the visual results of exercise to appear. Whether we verbalize it or not, we have all thought it before: “I know exercise works, but how much longer do I have to do this before I SEE it work?” However – as is the case with so much else in life – the lifestyle of exercise must create change on the inside before any kind of change on the outside can appear. That’s where understanding a little bit about what goes on in your body when you embark on a workout program becomes helpful: namely, these adaptations effect the body at the neurological, muscular, endocrine, and anthropomorphic levels. ....

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