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  • Coaches’ Corner 7/19/19 The Strength of a Sentinel

    If you caught last week’s Coaches’ Corner, “The Definition of Strength,” we discussed how strength training does more for you than just build muscle: it can give you the ability to change your life – and the world around you – infinitely for the better. And, when that mindset gets lived out in the real world, it can tell a beautiful story – just like the story of Sentinel. You see, the secret to life, insofar as I have come to understand it, is to live in proper order individually in such a way that allows you to most optimally positively influence the people and environment around you; to speak and act in such a way that your sheer existence ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 7/12/19 The Definition of Strength

    If I were to have you list the benefits of working out, I could bet, with reasonable certainty, that within the top three answers you were to give, “builds stronger muscles” would be in there. And you wouldn’t be wrong for saying that! Indeed strength straining – as the name intuitively suggests – makes your muscles capable of lifting heavier loads than you were able to lift before starting training. But limiting the benefits of “building strength” simply to just the physical, you run the risk of disallowing this style of exercise to change your life – to change who you are, universally, fundamentally and infinitely – for the better. ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 7/5/19 Make It Count

    Happy Independence Day/Weekend, gang!! This time of year is such a great opportunity to celebrate what makes this country great! For all of its flaws, The USA is a beautiful representation of what is possible when you take a chance against all odds. Think about it: essentially, a handful of people decided to travel thousands of miles to a land they’ve never been to, leaving behind everything they’ve ever known, to start an ENTIRELY NEW NATION! Further, think about all that has happened in the time since – America has become the worldwide manifestation of what can happen when you follow what you believe in despite having to abandon all that you’ve ever known. And ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 6/28/19 The Difference Between Living and Being Alive

    A simple internet search for “lifespan” reveals that humans are living longer now than ever before, about 79 years. And, with the amount of technology doctor’s offices and hospitals have available, that’s probably not surprising, nor is it a bad thing! It’s great knowing that we are capable of living longer! But when it comes to answering the question of what quality of life do you want – not just how long of a life do you want – understanding “lifespan” isn’t good enough. We must investigate something a little less well-known: “health span.” To the general public, this term is relatively unknown, but basically, your ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 6/21/19 Changing From the Outside In

    You don’t need us to tell you that working out is good for you. News story, after magazine article, after research study, after documentary, after blog post over the past thirty years or so has proven time and time again that exercise is the best way for our bodies to stay healthy throughout our lifetime – there is no substitute; no magic pill. Furthermore, we also know of the virtues that resistance training has on the inside of our bodies as well (lower body fat, lower resting heart rate, lower blood pressure, healthier immune system, etc.). None of this is news. But, what if we told you that if you work out, you could literally change who you were on the inside into a ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 6/14/19 Let ‘Why’ Lead Your Way

    It’s been said that today’s world can be characterized as a “microwave society.” Every decision we make these days seems to be predicated on WHAT CAN I GET AND HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET IT. And all you have to do is just think about it: every gadget we buy, every tool that we use, every app we employ is marketed as someTHING that will make our lives easier. But where does that leave us? If our lives are consumed by things, what distinguishes them from one another; and when that one thing becomes obsolete, do we just toss it aside for something better? Is that what life is – use what you can now until something better comes along? And who says that the ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 6/7/19 “Stay Ready, Then You Don’t Have to Get Ready”

    Anyone who has lived long enough to experience disappointment, even on a minor level, knows that the universe is indifferent. It has even been said before that, “Life happens the way it’s supposed to happen, otherwise it wouldn’t happen!” So, if the world that surrounds us – and sometimes even the people surrounding us as well – don’t really have any concern for what happens to us, what are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to cope with the uncertain chaos of life that can spring its trap on us at any moment? It seems the best defense against a world that has a ready-or-not-here-comes-‘life’ attitude, the best thing one can do is ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 5/31/19 Face Your Fear

    For the past decade-and-a-half or so, especially in America, there has been a certain social movement that is predicated on the idea that you should feel good about yourself no matter what. This “self-esteem movement,” like most modern feel-good mantras of the 21 st Century, has become wildly popular. And for seemingly good reason! Why shouldn’t we like ourselves for who we are? What’s wrong with that? The answer lies in the fact that life is not about being forever happy in the position that you’re currently in at any given point, it’s about being happy with where you are AND WHERE YOU ARE GOING – having a position AND direction. Life is easy ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 5/24/19 Who You Belong With is Where You Belong

    There’s an old saying that goes “if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.” It’s a humorous and simplistic way of stating that if something – or, someone for that matter – is low quality, you can dress it up on the outside however you want, but you will never change it from being what it truly is: bad. Possibly no greater example of this statement exists in society than the gym industry; emphasis on the “industry” part. The commercialized/franchised gyms that saturate the landscape are literally pigs wearing lipstick. They try to con members into their space by blinding them with fancy new equipment, flashy aesthetics, and, our ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 5/17/19 Count Those Calories Correctly!

    When starting the fitness journey, our success essentially boils down to the mastering of only two variables: diet and exercise. Weight management – regardless of whether you are trying to lose, maintain or gain – is a balancing act between “calories in” (diet) and “calories out” (exercise). The exercise part is a little bit easier to tackle – just do the work!! But, the diet component is a little trickier, and has a tendency to trip people up. The reason “calories in” can be a problem for people (at least at first) is because we don’t intuitively know exactly how many calories we should take in. After all it’s not like we ....

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