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You don’t need us to tell you that working out is good for you. News story, after magazine article, after research study, after documentary, after blog post over the past thirty years or so has proven time and time again that exercise is the best way for our bodies to stay healthy throughout our lifetime – there is no substitute; no magic pill. Furthermore, we also know of the virtues that resistance training has on the inside of our bodies as well (lower body fat, lower resting heart rate, lower blood pressure, healthier immune system, etc.).

None of this is news. But, what if we told you that if you work out, you could literally change who you were on the inside into a completely different person than who you are right now – not just an improved version of yourself, but a completely new version? Sounds interesting, right? Here’s how it works.

Every time you push yourself in the gym, your body adapts to the stimulus you put on it – your muscles get stronger. This adaptation not only strengthens your body, but also improves your mental confidence. So then the next time you go to do the same lift again, you challenge yourself a little more. So on and so forth. Now, this confidence not only builds as it relates to the weight room, but also, whether you are aware of it or not, transfers into your everyday life as well.

So, whereas before you might not have jumped into growth experiences so readily, you are now voluntarily accepting new projects at work; you are now reading books about more complex subjects; you are engaging in new complex hobbies; you may even get into a relationship that raises you to a higher level!

The idea is that these new challenges that you are accepting as a result of the confidence you’ve gained out of working out, ADD MORE INTERNAL VALUE THAT ONCE WAS NOT THERE. You are a different person – a more complete fulfillment of your previously untapped potential – that is now capable of living a life of meaning that you otherwise might not have been able to live if it had not been for adopting a regular workout routine!

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