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For the past decade-and-a-half or so, especially in America, there has been a certain social movement that is predicated on the idea that you should feel good about yourself no matter what. This “self-esteem movement,” like most modern feel-good mantras of the 21st Century, has become wildly popular. And for seemingly good reason! Why shouldn’t we like ourselves for who we are? What’s wrong with that?

The answer lies in the fact that life is not about being forever happy in the position that you’re currently in at any given point, it’s about being happy with where you are AND WHERE YOU ARE GOING – having a position AND direction.

Life is easy living where we know we cannot fail. But, if all we did was what we know we can do – living in fear of failure if we tried something even a little bit more challenging – then we would accomplish nothing in our life that had any value! If you are very competent at your job now, and your boss wants to give you a promotion that provides more money but requires a little more work, are you going to turn it down because you’re afraid of the extra demands? Absolutely not!

So, if a truly fulfilling life requires us to constantly move in a forward direction, why do we let fear get in the way?! Why, when we know we need to go to the gym to lose weight, do we tell ourselves “I want to lose a little weight first before I go to a gym to lose weight.” What’s the worst that would happen if you just went right now? You would start losing weight!

You find what you want where you least want to look.

So let today be the day that you strip yourself down and decided that you want to aim up towards a higher level of living. Let today be the day that you stop feeling proud of yourself for where you are, but have no plan for where you are going. Let today be the day that you encounter fear of failure, face it, and conquer it instead of running from it. Let today be the day where you decide that YOU ARE GOOD BUT YOU COULD BE INFINITELY BETTER.

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