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There’s an old saying that goes “if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.” It’s a humorous and simplistic way of stating that if something – or, someone for that matter – is low quality, you can dress it up on the outside however you want, but you will never change it from being what it truly is: bad.

Possibly no greater example of this statement exists in society than the gym industry; emphasis on the “industry” part. The commercialized/franchised gyms that saturate the landscape are literally pigs wearing lipstick. They try to con members into their space by blinding them with fancy new equipment, flashy aesthetics, and, our all-time favorite, new and revolutionary training systems. However, the simple fact is that these places have to sell you on what they ‘have’ in order to distract you from what they’re ‘not.’

Your gym, in contrast, should not be about WHAT it’s made of, but WHO it’s made of. Your gym should be ran by coaches who are qualified; who know you and can advise you on the best way to get where you want to go; who don’t mindlessly give you a pre-packaged workout that they distribute to everyone else too.

Your gym should have a standard that they stay consistent and accountable to; a place that doesn’t change philosophy (or ownership for that matter) if it benefits them without any regard to what the clients need. Your gym should exist to serve you and what you want, and not force you to bend to what they want.

So be wary! Pay attention to what you are experiencing when you go workout – trying to stay consistent is hard enough as it is; if you don’t have a supportive environment or circle of influence that is fighting for your health as much as you are, LEAVE. Find a place that takes care of you, that guards your safety and protects you from the false ideologies of those just trying to squeeze money out of you.

Find your Sentinel.

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