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Spring is finally in full-swing! Birds are singing, flowers (and allergies!) are blooming, and the fields and courts all over the country are calling for people to get out and play some sports! It’s a season of great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the weather while being active with friends. But, after a long winter of being house-stricken, it can be a potentially hazardous situation jumping straight off the couch and onto the pitch.

Sports-related injuries can be common for folks who might have previously been relatively inactive and are suddenly thrust into the heat of competition. Fortunately, there are a few preventative tips that you can use to diminish the risk of injury, and keep you in the running for beer-league-softball MVP well into the summer:

-          Warm up: having a stretching routine that you do before games is crucial to keeping your muscles from becoming tight and brittle and can prevent strains

-          Brace yourself: if you have any nagging or pre-existing wear and tear injuries (ie chronic joint pain), wearing supportive gear like braces can help keep you protected during the game

-          Ice Ice Baby: immediately after competition, putting ice packs on your joints (or taking an ice bath if you’re brave!) helps prevent immediate inflammation and increase recovery productivity

Of course, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO BEFORE YOU STEP FOOT ONTO THE FIELD IS STRENGTH TRAIN. Engaging in strength training and conditioning weeks (or, ideally, months) before the season starts is your best chance at reducing injury opportunities, and increasing performance SIMULTANEOUSLY. Lifting weights increases muscle and bone strength as well as improves sport performance markers like power, speed, acceleration, flexibility and agility!

So get ready for a fun-filled season of sporting fun in the sun, gang! Just make sure that you take the proper steps to prepare yourself for the grueling season ahead – otherwise you’ll have to spend the whole time ridin’ the pine!

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