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I was having a conversation with one of our clients earlier this week, and she was feeling particularly defeated. It seemed to her that the work she was doing both in and out of the gym wasn’t producing fast enough progress, and so she was feeling a bit discouraged about the whole process. This was in addition to feeling subconscious about how she compared to other physically active people she knew, who seemed like they were very easily getting in better and better shape without nearly the struggle that she was experiencing.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt that before – I know I have! So, if we know that living a healthy lifestyle has its struggles, what do we do in those times where we are feeling unmotivated, discouraged and self-conscious about our journey and how we are comparing to others? The answer lies in making the most out of the chances we get to feel good and proud of ourselves! Here are some quick tips to consider:

-          You will always feel your best immediately following your workout. Pay attention to this feeling. Hang on to it and always remember it. This feeling is the light at the end of the tunnel that is your reward each time you finish a workout – remember always to cherish it.

-          Celebrate your process goals (but not too much!). Your process goals are the stepping stones to your overall goals (ie the first 5lbs you lose on your way to losing 20) – celebrate them! Feeling a sense of accomplishment each time you reach a small goal will keep you hungry for more

-          Progress pictures can have a tremendous effect. Exercise can be a frustrating endeavor because the body changes at a very slow pace. Taking “before” pictures, as well as progress pics at certain intervals can show you the cumulative progress you have made over time that might not be noticeable on a day-to-day level.

-          Having a support system is CRUCIAL. There is nothing easy about diet and exercise, and it is certainly not doable alone. It is vital to your success that you have a person or small group to support you, to listen to you when you are having trouble, to advise you on adjustments you need to make along the way and to keep you accountable to your workouts.

The take home message is this: your only goal each day you wake up is to make yourself a little bit better than WHO YOU WERE YESTERDAY. As long as you are focused on that, and take notice of all the minor victories you have along the way (no matter how small they might seem!) then you cannot be defeated. And don’t worry about what anyone else’s experience seems like to you – you may not even know what’s going on in their life, they could even be miserable!

So go ahead gang! Celebrate that pound of weight you lost yesterday! Tell your support system that your clothes are fitting better than they did a few months ago! Have a glass of wine after a long week of workouts! Be happy that you are participating in a lifestyle that half of the country is not strong enough to engage in! Feel good about what you are doing! And remember: always sweat the small stuff.

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