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It has been said before that anything worth obtaining requires sacrifice – just ask anyone who has ever tried to do anything truly worthwhile. Whether it’s school, business, or sports, everything in life – even life itself! – requires some level of sacrifice to be paid in order for success to be achieved. The two are linked inexorably; any attempt to achieve success without the requisite sacrifice will ultimately end in failure, and perhaps there exists no better concrete representation of this idea than the barbell.

The bar is literally the definitive point of intersection where sacrifice and success meet.

If you do not confront the bar you cannot succeed

If you do not lift the bar you do not succeed

If you do not conquer the bar you will never succeed

The bar essentially is the place where you get transformed into something better than you were before. Through your maximal sacrifice of lifting the load of the bar, you become the optimal version of your physical self. It is at the bar that you literally overcome your weaknesses so that you can become the hero of your own life – and heroes have the ability to change the world.

So, let today be the day that you decide to start making the daily sacrifice of going to the gym. Let today be the day that you commit yourself to getting stronger for the sake of those you care about. Let today be the day that you pick up the bar and transform your life for the better.

Today, become the hero that changes the world. Lift the bar.

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