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Whenever the word “emergency” is used, it usually means that something disastrous has happened. Emergency surgery. Weather emergency. Emergency dispatch. Emergency situation. Typically, these situations require fast – usually retro-active – behavior to fix some sort of critical problem that, if left unattended, could end catastrophically. It’s safe to say that emergencies are usually not something we want to encounter.

The word emergency comes from the Latin verb “arise; bring to life” – an emergence of something unexpected. In the realm of health, this usually comes in the form of an unexpected injury, disease, or bodily malfunction, and, in some cases, the effects are irreversible or even permanent.

However, if an emergency, in a way, is a sort of chaos that arises unexpectedly from a state of order, then it stands to reason that (some) emergencies can be avoided IF proper planning and precaution are executed when we are in a state of order; before we enter an emerging state of surprising chaos.

Case-in-point: doing everything that we can (including asking for advice, coaching and help from those who are more trained and educated in areas where we may be lacking) is critical to prevent unnecessary injuries; including our own healthy well-being. Preparing and arming our bodies through proper exercise and healthy habits offers a two-fold benefit. One, we are protecting our own selves from the potential threat of disease and injury, and two, we better arm ourselves to take better care of those who encounter emergency in their lives.

So be proactive! Don’t wait a single second longer to take matters into your own hands to better your own health and wellness! Remain mindful that just because things don’t seem “bad enough yet” to start exercising, emergencies can AND WILL arise at any moment – and when they do, your very life (or the life of someone you care about) might be saved if your body is properly prepared.

At Sentinel Performance, it is our mission to help you stay protected from health dangers so that you can live a better, more fulfilling, productive, happy life!

It is what we do. It is all that we do.

It is why we say “Weaponize Your Body – Prepare; Train; Perform.”

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