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If you remember back to your high school biology class, you may recall learning about the hormones serotonin and dopamine. These chemical messengers are colloquially referred to as the “feel good hormones,” and are the main contributors to the reward feedback system that is built into our neurological pathways. This neural reward system came in handy millions of years ago when our early ancestors instinctually (and subconsciously) felt good/accomplished/proud/inspired, whenever they did something that was evolutionarily beneficial (ie. hunt down a mastodon for food, work the land to produce crops, hike far distances to find safe dwelling, sexually reproduce, etc.)

As it turns out, however, even now in times where we are not in continual life-threatening scenarios where we need our hormones to remind us to do things that will keep us alive and further the human race, serotonin and dopamine can still provide great benefit to the 21st Century man.

You see, these hormones are released whenever the body is physically exerted in a way that is helpful for the health of the body (walk a great distance -> find shelter -> live through the night, for example); and, because of this reason, exercise is the best way to get that reward system activated!

So, the next time life has you feeling a little blue, or you feel uninspired to be productive, or the stressors of your life are seemingly weighing you down, all you need to do is come throw around some weights!

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