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Let’s imagine for a moment you are in charge of taking care of a 5-yr old child (you don’t even need to be a parent to participate in this visualization; the child can be a nephew/niece, or even a neighborhood youngster you are babysitting for the night).

Think about all of the details that you are responsible for in regards to caring for the child that you are lovingly/caringly willing to accept:

-          - Feed them a healthy dinner

-          - Make sure to give them their Flintstone chewable vitamins

-          - Give them a bath, and brush their teeth

-          - Read them a bedtime story

-          - Put them to bed at a decent time

-          - Check-in on them to make sure they are sleeping safely and soundly

At the end of the day, you do a lot because you want what is best for them!

In comparison, let’s take a look at the normal working American adult’s daily routine:

-          - Wake up at the last possible second to a clamorous alarm clock

-          - Eat a hand-held breakfast in the car on the way to work (if we eat breakfast at all)

-          - Spend 10+ high-stress hours at the office, causing tremendous frustration

-          - Pickup fast food or microwaveable dinner because we are too exhausted and defeated at the end of the day to cook something healthy

-          - Stay up past our bedtime watching TV or YouTube videos to decompress from the day, and fall asleep on the couch

Notice a difference?

The point is we are all too willing to take care of every detail of caring for the loved ones in our lives (as well we should!), but we seem to be equally willing to sacrifice ourselves – sometimes, to dangerous, health threatening extents – without batting an eye. What would happen if we took as good of care of ourselves as we did of those we love?

What could we accomplish if we valued our own health/wellness/safety/education/self-improvement as much as we did that of the ones we care for?

What kind of impact could we make in our community if we did what we needed to do to keep ourselves healthy enough to execute our personal mission in life?

The world needs YOU as much as a 5-yr old child needs YOU!

Treat yourself as someone you would take care of, and, when you are ready to do so, there is no limit to what you will accomplish.

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