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One of the age old questions that we are always asked as coaches from our appropriately zealous clients who want to do the best thing, with the most benefit, in the least amount of time to lose fat weight is, “what is the best cardio I should do?” And, when it comes to the cardiovascular exercise piece of the puzzle, we always give the same disappointing answer:

“It depends” J

The short explanation to the cardio conundrum is in understanding that the energy source used for any given cardio event boils down to two important factors: intensity (defined in terms of percentage of maximum heart rate) and duration. This means that, depending on how long and how fast you do your cardio event for, will dictate which energy source your body uses to power you through that activity. In the most simplistic terms:

- Long (30min+), Light (60-70% max HR) exercise burns predominantly fat

- Moderate (20-45min+), Moderate (70-80% max HR) exercise burns carbohydrates

- Long (30min+), Moderate (70-80% max HR) exercise burns oxygen

So, depending on what your goal is (fat burning, cardio improvement, or endurance training) should dictate what style of cardio exercise you perform. And, the best thing about this is, you can combine all three to make yourself the most well-rounded athlete you can imagine!

If you are looking to find which route is best for you for your goals, you know where to find us!

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