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As strength coaches, we are often asked the question, “If I could do only one exercise for the rest of my life that would still give me results, what would it be?” Unequivocally, the answer that we always give (SPOILER ALERT!) is the deadlift. This exercise truly is the king of all lifts because of the multitude of applications to both sport and everyday life. It is one of the very few movements that you can do in the gym that is an all-in-one exercise; challenging everything from your legs, to your core, to your upper-body (you can even turn into a cardio move too if you want!)

By definition, the deadlift is any movement where you pick up a resting load off of the ground (the weight is “dead” because it is sitting in a static position with no initial momentum to it, ergo the dead-lift!). That said, despite the relatively simple concept of this exercise, there are numerous variations of this exercise (ie. Using different styles of loads, using straight legs vs bent knees, using 1-leg vs 2-legs, etc). However, every variation always starts with the weight on the floor, and the weight always starts in the static position.

Now, in reality, we could write an entire book on the benefits, the technique, the variations and the applications of this perfect exercise; but, fortunately for our readers, we won’t do that right now! Instead, we invite you all to tune in to our live seminar next Saturday February 9 at 11am where your coaches of Sentinel Performance will dive into all things deadlift-related! It’s going to be a fun, interactive learning experience that you are definitely not going to want to miss!

So, mark your calendars for next Saturday, strap on your weightlifting shoes and be ready to join us as we unravel the secrets to perfecting this miracle lift We look forward to seeing you!

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