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The start of the new year is arguably the most frustrating time of year. The dichotomy between the hope of a new start, coupled with the frustration of not knowing the best way to start, usually causes us to end up defeated, sad, and confused-and that’s all before the calendar flips to February. The reality is we know we WANT to make this year better than the last, but, many times, we simply don’t know HOW.

It’s in moments like this where thinking small is the best thing to do.

What we mean by “thinking small” as it relates to health and fitness-and, really, anything else worthwhile in life-is that your success at achieving your goal is contingent on building, piece by piece, over time. And, sometimes, those pieces have to be very small in order to get the process going.

For instance, if you want to change your diet, add one vegetable to your dinner each night that you might not otherwise have included; or cut out dessert from one meal during the week; or replace the diet soda you have with every meal with a glass of water.

If, incorporating exercise into your life is what you decide you need to do, add an extra 10minutes of cardio onto the end of your workout session; or if you go to the gym 2 days per week, try going 3 days (even if it’s only for half the time that you usually go for!)-you would be surprised what just showing up can do for you.

The point is this: if nothing changes, nothing changes.

So, if 2019 is really going to be the year you make life happen, there is absolutely nothing wrong with starting out by doing THAT ONE SMALL THING-whatever it is!! And, whenever you’re ready to take that first step, we are here to help you decide the best place for you to start!

Never forget, the smallest step forward is better than never taking a step at all.

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