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So here we are, the start of a new year, and undoubtedly you are getting bombarded by gyms and trainers telling you that they can get you the best body ever if you come work out with them. They throw pictures of hard-bodied models and promise you the same results; they rely solely on sex-appeal to get you to sign up. 

Now, while every one of us wants to have a great looking body, your physical aesthetics is only a MINOR piece of your overall health; and for gyms, trainers, yoga and Pilates studios, and any other fitness outlet to preach solely about the physical changes they can provide for you is not only incomplete, it’s irresponsible.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to fall prey to these snake-water salesmen…you have Sentinel.

One of the most important changes that the body undergoes when it is put through regular resistance training, is the psychological benefits. You see, when we stress the body through exercise (especially resistance exercise) your body responds by secreting hormones that are responsible for relaxing the body and bring it back to homeostasis. And, when this stress-and-relax cycle occurs frequently and consistently, your brain adapts over time by actually becoming more resistant to stress.

This is manifested in situations in the office or at home, per se, that would normally cause you to react explosively, but instead you respond more calmly, coolly, and collectedly. You literally become as chill as a cucumber! This has an added beneficial effect towards lowering other health markers like your blood pressure, resting heart rate and can even lower your risk for heart attack and stroke!

So the next time you’re confronted by a gym or trainer that promises you only the body of a lifetime, tell them “That’s great! But what are you going to do for everything else inside of me?” And, after you watch them speechlessly search for an answer, walk the other way and head directly to the only place that you know for certain will take care of all of you: body, mind and soul J

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