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Around this time of year, finding motivation to get to the gym tends to be tough. Short days, cold weather, and layers of clothes all play a nefarious role in making it easier to just drive home straight to bed rather than getting in that workout. The struggle is certainly real-for all of us! So, if knowing that the intrinsic motivation to work out for ourselves can be fickle and easy to ignore, we have to find a way to go outside of ourselves to find the desire to drag ourselves into the weight room every day even though we may not want to.

All you have to do is be the drop

You see, one of the greatest ways to get yourself motivated, is to dedicate yourself to being the inspiration to someone else. Through your own struggle to show up and fight through trying to stay consistent with your exercise regimen, you give others the inspiration and confidence that they can do the same. In this way, you create a ripple effect: you keep yourself motivated because you know that others are counting on you not to give up, and in turn, others follow your lead and they inspire even more people on a tertiary level!

But it all starts with you! Just like a ripple can’t start without a drop, so too can the heathy lifestyles of potentially dozens of people not start without you! So, as the year closes out, let us not try to think about ourselves (it’s easy to let ourselves down-the only one we disappoint in that scenario is us!), but think of the lives of others that we can change by being the best version of ourselves we can be!

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