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The Holidays are finally here! That special time of year where we show our appreciation for those who are closest in our lives by giving gifts as a token of our gratitude for them. No matter the size, shape, color or cost, the giver endeavors to bring maximal satisfaction to the recipient because they want to bring joy and happiness to their lives. But have you ever wondered what the perfect gift is? Believe it or not, there is only one right answer... 


You are the greatest gift that you could ever give to someone. You not only are unique, but no one in the history of the world can ever do what you do. Your talents, personality, and abilities that are uniquely yours, and-as we learned last week-can change the world. There is only one catch: you have to preserve it. 

You see, the gift of yourself can only be enjoyed by others when it is operating correctly (ie “healthily”). When you are tired, weak, malnourished and sick, it is impossible for you to do what you need to do to be the gift to the world that you were made to be! 

So this holiday season as you share presents with your loved ones, remember that only you can provide them with the gift of yourself, and make it your resolution this coming year to do whatever needs to be done to allow yourself to be exactly what everyone whose life you touch wants on their wish list.

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