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Over the past few decades, clinical psychologists have been investigating a certain phenomenon that deals with man’s need to be challenged throughout life. The theory is that we are all born with a predestined genetic potential that is written into our individual DNA, dictating the “ceiling” that we are capable of reaching. The only question is, how do we do that?

In order to realize our full “genetic capability,” we need to add piece by piece to our DNA code by confronting and overcoming challenging stressors throughout our lifetime. As a result, it’s in this confronting-and-conquering experience that we grow stronger, smarter, and more confident; tackle harder and harder stressors; add more and more value to ourselves, and, coincidentally, to the world around us. It is in this way that we fulfill our life’s destiny of positively impacting the world around us, using the gifts that we have been provided from birth. 

So, all of that being understood, it would appear the essence of life as a human being is not to avoid stress/aggravation/challenges, but to face them head-on and overcome them! The same is true in the gym: if we view working out as something we want to avoid because it’s too difficult, imagine what benefit we would experience for both ourselves and those around us if we face the challenge of working out and succeed at conquering it! In a way, it is not only something that we CAN do, but something that we MUST do in order to be the ultimate version of ourselves, and impact the world forever! 

Who knew that in order to potentially change the world, all you had to do is pick up a dumbbell… 

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