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Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet Anne Sexton once wrote “Watch out for intellect, because it knows so much it knows nothing.” This incredibly simple statement is actually quite complex when you start to contemplate its meaning. The author is pointing out that knowing so much about so many different things can become problematic in the sense that you can become so distracted by gaining new information, that you never really apply any of the knowledge that you obtain-and therefore never progress.

 This phenomenon can be seen very clearly in the fitness world. Especially when you consider the presence of social media, the fitness “industry” has thrived for decades on constantly pumping out new products, gimmicks, fads, flashy gym décor, workout video series, and sex appeal. In the end, all of these sales tactics try to squeeze as much money out of the consumer as possible, while under the vail of “educating” the client with the newest, most effective way to work out. All of this leads to one simple truth: The more you ‘learn’ does not necessarily mean the more you ‘know.’ 

So, what is one to do in all of this? ASK QUESTIONS!!! Your job as a general exerciser (or even an elite exerciser/athlete for that matter) is not to understand the inner workings of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, etc…..that’s OUR job!!! We are here to set you straight with advice, guidance, and coaching that is all backed by science. Our business is to better the lives of the people we meet through exercise and training; not to try and conn you into a product that you can have for 3 easy payments of $19.99. 

In the end, the bottom line is this: in a world of endless information, the more you know, the less you understand. So make life easy on yourself! Seek out our help and guidance, and let us help you navigate the waters of health and fitness.

Always remember: This journey is all about YOU-but no one said you had to do it ALONE. 

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