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With the final month of 2018 beginning tomorrow, many people will begin looking ahead to the New Year to-once again-embark on a new fitness journey. Many folks we know have even done a great job of clearly identifying what they want to accomplish in the upcoming year. Now all they need is January 1 to get here and they can begin to embark on their resolutions for 2019!

We just have one simple question: Why wait? 

It’s human nature to want to “begin things at the beginning of things.” We see this on a daily basis all throughout the year: “I’ll wait ‘til Monday to start that;” “Let’s take care of that at the beginning of next month;” “I don’t need to worry about that until spring is here.” It’s not necessarily laziness that makes us want to wait to start working on the projects or chores we have to do, it just seems natural to us sometimes to start at the start. 

However, imagine what you can accomplish in the gym by getting that 4-week head start to your normal New Year’s launch of the fit life! 4-weeks to get the routine down of getting to the gym; 4-weeks to get your body acclimated to feeling sore and pushing through the workout; being able to reach your goals 4-weeks sooner than you planned!

We all know that a body at rest will stay at rest. This is also true for our human body! So if sitting and waiting and resting until the end of the year is only going to make it harder for you to start exercising once the ball drops in Times Square, let this be your wake up call to start TODAY, and see how good it will feel when you are sprinting into your New Year’s resolutions when everyone else is just starting to crawl into theirs! 

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