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For the past two weeks, we have learned a lot! So far we know that in order to lose fat, you can’t just simply not eat anything, but to create what’s called a “calorie deficit” so that the body is forced to burn the stored fat that’s in our bodies. So now all we need to know is, what’s the best way to do that! All you have to do is remember this little rhyme:

In order to lose, you have to gain; and the only way to gain, is to train! J

What we mean by “gain” is increase your lean muscle mass-primarily through resistance style exercises. The way it works is this: When you work out with weights, your body burns calories in two ways. 

The first way is through doing the actual workout (your body needs energy to do work, and so that energy comes from the calories we take in through our diet). Researchers at Harvard Medical School say that a vigorous 1-hr resistance workout will burn “… 223 calories for a 155-pound person and 266 calories for a 185-pound person.” 

The second way that the body will burn calories from doing resistance work occurs when you are not doing anything at all! See, when you exercise, you are creating micro tears in the muscle fibers by having to work against resistance. When you are done, your body has to work to repair the damage you did to your muscle in the gym. And, since we know that work requires energy, and energy equals calories, and calories are stored as fat, Voila! The more muscle you develop, the more fat you burn! 

Pretty sweet, huh! 

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