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Last week we tackled the issue of why simply eating less calories WON’T make you lose fat weight. So, if eating fewer calories isn’t the ticket, then what is? 

The logic of eating fewer calories makes sense to a lot of people, because they understand that weight loss is achieved through creating a calorie-deficit in the body. Which is true! But the most effective way to create a deficit is not by putting fewer calories into your body, but by making your body utilize more calories than what you take in through your diet! 

Think of it this way: if you are going on a long distance car ride, you understand that taking that trip on a full tank of gas will get you farther along on the trip than a half-tank will. Same thing goes for your body: cutting your calories (“putting in less gas into the tank”) won’t get you to your destination faster; it will actually stall your progress because you’ll constantly be stopping to fill back up. 

In the end, then, the goal is to put the right amount of gasoline (calories) into the car (your body) to get where you need to go (reaching your fitness goals) as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible! 

So, now that we know that creating a calorie deficit is the key to weight loss, and creating that deficit can’t be achieved by simply cutting your caloric intake, all we have to do now is know what the best/safest way is to create that deficit… 

…for that, you’ll have to tune in next week! ;)

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