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Weight loss. It is one of the most popular goals we come across as coaches, but a lot of times the individual seeking to accomplish this goal is confused at how the process really works! Over the next few issues of our “Coaches’ Corner,” we are going to investigate the full concept of how weight loss (specifically, fat loss) happens in the body, and explain what the fastest way to achieve it is! Ready?! 

In order to best know how fat loss works, it’s helpful to understand how it doesn’t. 

Easily, the most common misconception about weight loss is that losing weight is as simple as eating less calories. The logic behind this is that, if fat is just stored/unused calories, then, if I eat less calories, my body will have no choice but to burn up the stored calories in my body that is fat…and Presto! I will lose weight! 

The only problem is that the body doesn’t work that way. 

You see, your body’s innate primary objective is to keep its two most important organs alive at all cost: the brain and the heart. If, at any point, the body senses that either or both of these organs is in danger, it will take drastic measures to protect them. So, in the case of extreme dieting and calorie restriction, the body flips into what’s called “starvation mode.” This means that the body thinks it is in danger of losing the heart or the brain because it’s not receiving the calories it needs to operate, and so [the body] starts searching for anything and everything it can to use as energy to keep itself alive. And, because fat is the body’s last-ditch energy source, the body will attack everything else (including muscle mass) before it taps into its fat stores! 

SO, the end result is that ‘starving the body’ does not end in fat-loss, but, in actuality, fat-storage! 

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