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Personal training: if ever there was a profession that was so misguided that it caused even its purists to denounce their very association with it, “personal training” would be it. We’ve all seen them at one time or another: individuals who are charged with overseeing an hour of someone’s life, parading them through an arbitrary round of exercises, while at the same time completely disengaged from the person because they are either looking at themselves in the mirror, or playing on a cell phone. And we give them money for this. You deserve better. And it’s time that you finally got it.

Sentinel Performance is not a personal training company. We are a company whose sole purpose is to serve and educate individuals on how to prepare their bodies to achieve greatness. Each of us was created in order to achieve a specific purpose in life, and our job is to prepare your body-your “human machine”-for the demands that you will face.

In many ways, it’s frustrating for us to even be associated with a multi-billion dollar industry built largely on a “do-as-I-do-to-look-like-I-look” mentality. Not that trainers shouldn’t be practitioners of what they preach, but having a good looking body doesn’t necessarily make you qualified to train someone else. The best athletes seldom make the best coaches. In reality, we feel that someone who aids you in achieving your exercise needs and goals should be held to a standard of education and coaching ability in order to practice the craft of exercise instruction safely and effectively.

Sentinel Performance was created to be that standard. We believe in service; we believe in education; and we believe that the personal training industry is lacking both.

Because our goal is to constantly be educating others on how to exercise with purpose, each Sentinel Performance coach holds at a minimum a bachelors degree in exercise science and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). This is not to be able to boast, but to be able to provide our clients with the highest training product possible.

At Sentinel Performance, we take you as the individual very seriously. Unlike most training concepts, we mold ourselves, our education and our experience to the individual’s needs in order to design the most purposefully driven workout program. We do not create a one-size fits all program or force our clients to learn only one way of training simply because it’s the only one we know. We do not sell our clients marketing gimmicks (or “GYMMICKS”), or pitch supplements to them in order to line our pockets with their money.

We do not see ourselves as part of the fitness industry-we are in the industry of purveying the truth. Success never comes from making a promise; success comes from putting that promise into action. We will never guarantee you the promise of results if you simply buy our product like so many other trainers and infomercials do; what we do guarantee is that the action you put toward fulfilling your promise will put you in the best position to achieve your results. If you are someone that’s tired of taking advice from a person on T.V. who doesn’t even know you, or are held captive by someone who is giving you the same routine they give everyone else, then your chance to get what you really deserve is waiting with us.

We are the guardians of the individual’s well-being, and the protectors of training with purpose. We take the time to teach you the foundations of a proper workout routine, focused on you and your needs, and in the spirit of service not because it’s good for business, but because it’s what’s right.

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