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​Sentinel Performance was created in January of 2013, we set out to achieve one simple, but important goal: provide the highest level strength and conditioning coaching services to any individual who strove to become a better physical version of themselves. We believed that the level of coaching that pervaded the personal training industry as a whole was dramatically sub-par; rendering any individual searching for expert guidance in the hopes of achieving their fitness results, hopeless. We, therefore, made it our mission to do whatever was necessary to make elite level fitness coaching accessible to anyone and everyone who relied on their “human machine” to fulfill their individual purpose in life.

Three years into our existence, we’ve done pretty well. We’ve had the privilege of working with a phenomenal cast of clients ranging from a US Olympic hopeful, to collegiate and professional soccer players; multiple youth athletes who aspire to successful careers in their chosen sports, to countless individuals who are wanting to better themselves in the most important game of all: life. To us, fitness is not a hobby or a pastime; fitness is a necessity. In a word, fitness is life, and it is the purpose of Sentinel Performance to lead every individual who is in search of the best life they can obtain through exercise.

That’s why, when entering into our next year of business, we looked for a way to bring our talent and education as strength coaches to a larger populous of people. We knew there were others outside of the Columbus, OH market who wanted something more out of their exercise routine, but didn’t know where or to whom they should turn. It was then that we discovered the TotalCoaching personal training software system. Finally we had the opportunity to “put our brains out into cyberspace,” that is to say, we 2now were given the opportunity, through an extremely user-friendly and streamlined online training portal, to help people hundreds and even thousands of miles away with their strength training and conditioning needs. Not only are we now able to provide program design guidance for out of town clients, but the detailed exercise animations and video clips work great to help us ensure that proper form is being used, and the in-site messaging platform helps make communication extremely easy whenever our clients need extra instruction or have questions. Additionally, the nutrition log and journal features allow us to keep track of our clients’ progress and general health habits so that we can instruct them on how they can better themselves in the other areas of their overall wellness as well.

We can say without reservation that TotalCoaching was definitely the missing link to help extend our reach into distant markets, and unlock the potential to help even more people benefit from our knowledge and expertise. We now know that, through our partnership with TotalCoaching online personal training, more people than ever before will have the opportunity to change their lives through the fitness guidance provided by the experts at Sentinel Performance. And any time that lives change, the world changes. (

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