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We hope you all had wonderful end-of-year celebrations, and were able to spend it with family and loved ones. Hopefully you all took the opportunity to let loose and enjoy the season a little bit.

But it’s back to work now!

Undoubtedly, a large portion of you made some new year’s resolutions, and a lot of those probably revolved around something health/fitness related. That’s great! But, there is something that you need to keep in mind to make sure those ambitious plans stick this year, and you don’t fall into the trap of quitting like years before.

Take baby steps.

Often times, too many people jump the new year’s gun too quick and try to lose all they want for the year in the first week of the year. Not only is this dangerous thinking, it’s also impossible! And, typically, when most people are faced with something impossible, they usually don’t accomplish it. So, don’t try to conquer the “impossible;” take care of conquering the possible, and you will achieve the impossible!

Want to lose 10lbs of fat? Focus on losing 1lb every week instead! Want to gain 10lbs of muscle? Focus on increasing your weights 5lbs at a time in your workouts! Want to run a marathon? Focus on running 1 extra mile each week!

As a wise person once said: “What’s the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” Whatever your goal, think about the end result, and then form a plan to tackle it in pieces. Your success will be more ensured, and, you will notice (with consistent dedication) it will take less time to achieve than you thought!

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