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Ok, so you’ve made the decision to get into working out. You’ve heard all the research and read all the articles that resistance training, particularly, is THE BEST way to burn fat and build lean body weight in order to give you the shape and figure that you want. Awesome! That only leaves one question: now what do you do once you’re inside the gym ready to lift weights?

This is a problem that plagues many Americans that have the ambition, but unfortunately, not the know-how when it comes to knowing which exercises to do, on what days, in what proportions. So for the next few weeks, your Sentinel Performance “Coaches’ Corner” articles will endeavor to set your fitness ship straight. Starting with breaking down the body.

In the most simplistic way of breaking down resistance training, you need to segment the body in order to avoid over-training. The best way to do this, is to split the muscles groups into “pulling” and “pushing” muscles, and furthermore, upper-body push/pull, and lower-body push-pull muscles. In the weeks to come, we will tackle exercises for all four of these areas, but for now, we want to give you the broad strokes:

- Upper-body push: chest, shoulders

- Upper-body pull: lats, traps, back

- Lower-body push: quadriceps, calves

- Lower-body Pull: glutes, hamstrings

As with all things in life, education is achieved in steps. So, stay tuned for the next piece to the “workout design” puzzle as we tackle exercise selection for each of these muscle groups. As always, we at Sentinel are here to spell out the answer to your fitness questions! ​

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