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Welcome back to the next edition of “Breaking Down Resistance Training!”

We talked last week about breaking the body up into segments when it comes to the muscle actions:

  • Upper body push
  • Upper body pull
  • Lower body push
  • Lower body pull

This week, we are going to dig into when (ie days/week) you are supposed to train the actions listed above. In the strength and conditioning programming world, we call this “exercise frequency.”

The first thing you need to decide, is how many days per week you are able (and willing ;)) to exercise. Things to consider when deciding this, is what does your life-schedule REASONABLY allow, and what schedule are you most likely willing to stick to. For instance, hopefully by now, we have extolled the virtues of working out as much as possible. However, sometimes this is not feasible. So, if 2 times/week fits your schedule the best (and you are capable of maintaining that routine, then you are a 2x/week exerciser! If 3x/week, or 4x/week is possible, then go for that!

The main thing is to be honest with yourself, and mortgage out how much time per week you are able to consistently stick with. Once that is decided, then pick the exercise routine from the options below that fits your schedule!

- 2x/week: Day1= upper body push + lower body push, Day2= upper body pull + lower body pull

- 3x/week: Day1 = upper body push, Day2 = upper body Pull, Day3 = lower body push + lower body pull

- 4x/week: Day1 = upper + lower body Push, Day2= upper body + lower body pull, Day3= upper + lower body Push, Day4= upper body + lower body pull

- 5x/week: Day1= upper body push, Day2= upper body pull, Day3= lower body push+pull, Day4: upper body push, Day5 = upper body pull

- 6x/week: Day1= upper body push, Day2= upper body pull, Day3= lower body push+pull, Day4= upper body push, Day5= upper body pull,

Day6= lower body push+pull ​

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