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So, now that we know what movements to do, and what days we are going to do them on, it’s time for the creative part: exercise selection!! This is where the science of program design takes on more of an art form. However, although it is fun to come up with crazy exercises to challenge the muscles, there are some ground rules we need to pay attention first before we unleash the exercise art madness!

First we need to make sure that we work from multi-joint movements before we move on to single joint exercises. For instance, if we were making a workout for “upper body push” we would want to do chest presses before we did chest flyes. Likewise for the lower body, we would want to do squats or leg press before we did seated knee extensions.

Secondly, not only do we want to work multi-joint down to single-joint, we also want to make sure we work big muscles down to small muscles. So, for instance if it was “upper body pull” day we would want to do Lat exercises (pullups/pulldowns) before we worked the biceps (curls). We always say “work the body big to small; inside to out).

The last point is always keep in mind that the body works best with the KISS principle. While it is fun to do different challenging movements from time to time, make sure that you don’t let those take over your workouts. Or, In other words, let those crazy moves be the salt that you sprinkle on to the meat and potato exercises!

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