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If you’ve ever baked a cake, or, cooked anything that involves a process, you understand that not only is it a matter of having the right ingredients, but also having a good recipe to put all of those components together to make the perfect dish. Your workouts are exactly the same!

If we are going to continue with the food analogy, what you want to cook is your needs-assessment/goals; your ingredients are the exercises you selected (see “Coaches’ Corner 1/26/18); and your recipe would be your sets and reps scheme (what we in the exercise science world would call “periodization”). So here’s what you need to know:

If you are looking to build muscular ENDURANCE, shoot for 15reps (2-3sets)

If you want to build muscle SIZE/VOLUME, stick with 12-8reps (3-5sets)

If pure STRENGTH is what you want to work on, go with 6-4reps (5-7sets)

Lastly, POWER development is achieved with 1-3reps (6-8sets) One last thing to remember as well: when going down the reps/set spectrum (ie going from many reps to fewer reps), your weights need to increase.

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