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With the end of February on the horizon, it is typical during this time of year that we notice our new year’s resolutions have taken a fall. This can be for a myriad of different reasons, but the fact remains, that about 90% of people who made fitness resolutions six weeks ago, have already started to fail at keeping on top of them. But, even though you may have experienced a deceleration in your exercise enthusiasm, this doesn’t mean it has to end! It’s possible you just need a few tips to regain your focus; we’re here to help.

First of all, being specific about your goals can provide a great way to keep you pointed in the right direction, and inspire the determination you need to achieve your desired level of health. So, if in January, you said “I want to lose weight this year,” change that to “I want to lose 10lbs of weight this year.” This way you are more likely not to give up until you get to the number you want!

Another helpful tool is to work out with a friend or family member, or even establish a close-knit group that can help keep you accountable. Finding a person or group of people who you have a relationship with will make it much more difficult to skip out on your workouts on two levels: one, you’ll have more fun “suffering” with someone else, and two, your friends will miss you if you are not able to make it to a workout that they were expecting to see you at! Sometimes this healthy social pressure is all that’s needed to keep you going!

Lastly, finding a qualified trainer is essentially a full-proof way to not fall off the fitness wagon. Trainers pretty much take care of all the planning and exercise selection for you, plus they can offer additional accountability, support, and social aid to make your time in the gym not only efficient, but also fun!

It always important to remember that the journey of a fit and healthy lifestyle will always have potholes, detours, and sometimes derailments; but these pitfalls don’t have to be permanent! Having a plan, finding a #fitfam, and working with a trainer are three great ways that can ensure your success, and will certainly make the whole process a lot more enjoyable!

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