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The first weekend in March here in Columbus, Ohio means a lot of different things: spring (hopefully) is on its way; Easter is around the corner; and, maybe most famously, The Arnold Classic is in town. For those who might be unfamiliar, this is a weekend-long exposition (for better or for worse) of all things fitness. There are a lot of cool, and interesting things (and people) to see, that can spark inspiration and curiosity from all those who walk through the turnstyles. But, what is the take away message from this event? What is learned or gained that is going to help the general exerciser move closer to their goals? Is what you see from the competitors and characters something you should follow yourself?


We are glad you asked.

The bottom line is that you need to take fitness models, and those who are on display in the fitness industry, with a grain of salt. Not only do you need to keep in mind the fact that the appearance you see of them before you as extremely temporary (ie, the way they look requires an unsustainable 24/7 lifestyle), but also that what is required for them to be “professional” fitness models, is not plausible for the general exerciser.

So, just like you wouldn’t follow the workout advice of a professional athlete, nor should you follow the advice of a professional fitness athlete. In other words, what works for them is not what necessarily will work for you!

So, let ‘The Arnold’ inspire you in the sense that a healthy lifestyle is much more beneficial for you that an unhealthy one; but keep perspective. Do not feel that you need to attain the same status that the models are at because it’s unreasonable to do so! Find a schedule, and a support system that will help you achieve attainable goals for yourself and build from there!

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