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We modern Americans are busier than ever before. Between work and home; errands and soccer practice; church and school, we are constantly moving from one activity to the next - and our wellness pays the price.

Typically, it is the gym that is the first “to-do” item that gets the axe when it comes to trying to fit in all our other appointments and obligations. In reality, however, your workouts should be the last things that get sacrificed. After all, if your health fails you, how will you get anything else accomplished! Luckily, all you need to still squeeze in your gym time is a little paradigm shift in your thinking, and a few helpful tips from your Sentinel trainers!

A lot of the time, we have the best intentions to fit in our workouts when the day begins, but life, as it always seems to do, can change direction on a dime, and suddenly we run out of hours in the day to get to the gym. Let’s say you plan to workout after work, say, 6pm, but a meeting cuts into your time and you can’t make it until 630pm. Now what?! Just substitute your normal 60min plan with a higher intensity 30min workout! Try doing a kettlebell circuit instead of regular strength exercises. Or, pick three strength exercises like a squat, bench press, and Australian pullups, and try to do as many sets of 10reps that you can do in 30min!

The bottom line is this: the worst workout there is, is the one you don’t do. In other words: doing SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING! The key is to have a backup plan ready for when things get in your way, so that you can quickly execute an abbreviated workout between work and your acupuncture appointment! And, as always, we are here to help with designing “quickies” for you that offer you the most bang for your buck/time! Just ask!

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