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When it comes to exercise, a lot of emphasis is put on success. Reaching goals; hitting your target weight; making a new PR; posting progress pics on social media. While these things are all important things to keep track of (knowing that you’re making progress is an important component to your overall success in the gym!), that does not mean that one should be afraid of failure; and what’s more, your failures in the gyms are, in some ways, more crucial than your successes. Let’s discuss.

The nature of exercise, and therefore getting results, requires you to push the limits. We’ve explained many times to our clients, that the body has to be pushed past a level of comfort in order for it to adapt. So, how do we know what are limit is? You guessed it! You have to see where your point of failure is!

What does this mean from a practical standpoint? First, you need a support system. Whether it’s a strength coach, or a lifting partner, you need someone by your side not only as a spotter, but also a cheerleader! Someone to tell you “5lbs more!”

Second, you need focus. What is your goal that transcends the physical benefits of working out? In other words, who or what are you doing this for? Who are you letting down if you don’t give it your best shot? What are you missing out on if you don’t achieve your goal? Having a clear, singular picture as to what you want to achieve in your head can make or break your ambition to do what’s necessary when you’re in the gym.

Lastly, be fearless! If you are trying for a new PR on your squat? Set up your safety measures, and then attack the weight! Know that the worst thing that can happen to you is that you don’t hit it! That’s it! Failure is never the end of the game-it’s the beginning!

​It has been said before: “your dreams are just on the other side of failure.” We fully believe in that! Knowing what you are capable of, requires you to push past what you already know you can do. So, be fearless!! You’ll never know if you never try, and, hopefully, with our help and from those loved ones around you, you will have the confidence to do what you never thought was possible before!

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