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One of the healthiest activities in which millions of people participate every day is running. Whether recreational through jogging, competing in marathons or cross country running, people like to do it as it keeps them healthy.

There are many benefits that the human body can experience from conducting this kind of sports activity. Doing it on a regular basis can help you strengthen your muscles, build strong bones, improve the cardiovascular system, burn calories, maintain an ideal weight, etc. Best of all, running is an activity that requires no special equipment. A nice pair of running shoes, comfy clothes and not too harsh a weather are all the things necessary for a jog.

The shoes are probably the most important aspect here, so don’t be afraid to spend a little more and get the”>best Nike running shoes you can afford. It might not seem important right now, but believe me that is the best way to make sure you’re preventing any unnecessary injury.

It is important to know that proper warm up is a must as 65% of runners may suffer an injury in the first year of running. Stretch well and don’t overdo it, especially the first weeks when your body gets adjusted to regular physical stress.

Professional runners have set a lot of records and the following are just several of them.

  • Usain Bolt is the fastest runner with 44.72 km/h
  • Serge Girard ran a distance of 27.011 km around 25 countries of the EU in a year
  • Fauja Singh is the oldest person to complete a full marathon in 2012 at the London Marathon when he was 101 years old
  • Budhia Singh is the youngest runner with 48 marathons before he turned 5
  • Hicham El Guerrouj is the world record holder for the fastest mile run in Rome, in 1999
  • Abebe Bikila was a two time Olympic champion in marathon while running barefoot
  • Bekele is the world record holder in 5km and 10km on the track

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