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If you’ve been a follower or fan of Sentinel to any extent, you’ve heard us talk from time to time about the importance of goal setting. This is one of the initial steps in the program design process, and it literally defines “what” it is that you want to achieve from your workouts (ex. lose 5lbs, gain 10lbs, run a marathon, etc.). However, what often gets overlooked by most people is not the objective goals that they are wanting to accomplish, but the subjective ones.

In other words, we are talking about your “why” for your workouts, instead of just your “what.”

On the surface, your intentions for working out may not seem important to identify (which is why most trainers neglect to ask, or, just don’t care to), but in reality, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT! Your intention is what pushes you to achieve whatever your objective gym goal is. Let’s look at some examples:

WHAT do you want to do: “lose weight.”

WHY do you want to do it: to be able to fully enjoy life with my loved ones for as long as possible!

WHAT do you want to do: “gain muscle.”

WHY do you want to do it: to be strong and energized enough to be a productive leader at the office and provide a better lifestyle for my family!

WHAT do you want to do: “eat a healthier diet.”

WHY do you want to do it: so that my heart stays clean and healthy and allows me to enjoy an active life with my grandchildren instead of sitting out on family events!

WHAT do you want to do: “have a better looking body.”

WHY do you want to do it: so that I can have a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with my spouse!

You see, when our purpose for exercising becomes more about our intention (the WHY), the actual work that we do in the gym (the WHAT) becomes more important to accomplish, and, in turn, more effective. So, the next time you think about starting an exercise program and feel a little uninspired, just think about what you might miss out on, or who you might be letting down as a result. Your family, your spouse, the world needs you to achieve your purpose! Now, let’s go lift some weights, gang!!

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