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If you think back to any important endeavor that you’ve embarked upon in your life, you may realize that there was a common element in each one of those experiences: it required you to be supported by your circle of influence in order for you to succeed. In school, you needed your parents’, teachers, principal, and classmates to get the best grades possible; in sports, you needed your coaching staff, teammates, and fans to inspire you to put in the work to win; in your family life, you need the support of your spouse, the advice of experienced couples, and perhaps a parenting book or two to help you be the best parent and partner.


What does this community look like, though? First you need a coach (or, better, a team of coaches) that will teach you form, ensure your safety, and be your guide along the pathway to reaching your goals. You will also need a group of people, who believe in you, that you can lean on when times get challenging. This is equally as important as having a good coach is. These are the people that know your pain, because, ideally, they are going through the same process as you! Sometimes, the presence of a truly great gym community, or perhaps the lack thereof, can make or break your personal success.

So what is one to do! Fortunately, there exists such an experience in Sentinel Barbell Club. This program offers the best of both worlds in superior coaching and guidance, along with a community of people who are invested in your success, so much so, that they will walk with you, and when necessary carry you, every step of the way. There has never existed anything like it before, and possibly never will.

Are you serious about taking control of your health, and have exhausted every other possible avenue you could go through? Then check out Sentinel Barbell Club-it’s what you have been searching for all this time! ​

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