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For all you football fans out there, this weekend is an exciting time of year-it’s time for the NFL Draft! For months, there has been a ton of analysis on all the players coming out of college looking to make it big in the NFL; they go through a series of physical, mental and personal examinations to let scouts, coaches and general managers make informed decisions about who is good enough to make their squads. It is a very high pressure time of year, and the players are under much scrutiny because the team executives want only the best joining their organizations.

The same should go for you when it comes to you choosing your personal trainer! You should have a check list of things that you are looking for out of your fitness professional, just like NFL teams do for their draft picks. Not sure what to look or ask for when choosing the best trainer for yourself? Here is a list of things to keep in mind:

  • The Combine: Do they keep a regular regimen of exercise themselves? Do they push themselves in their own workouts and practice their craft?
  • The Wonderlic Test: Do they have an education in exercise? Is their certification reputable (DO THEY EVEN HAVE A CERTIFICATION)? Do they avoid answering when you ask questions about what their program design is for you or why they choose the exercises they have you do? When you have limitations, do they safely and effectively know how to work around them?
  • The personal character interview: Do you trust that they have your best interest in mind at all times? Do you feel valued by them? Do they focus on your needs 100% of the time, and work to do whatever is necessary to not only help you reach your goals, but also make your experience along the way enjoyable?

Just like not all college football players are created equal, not all trainers are created equal either. Make sure that when/if it comes time for you to choose a fitness coach, you put them to the test! You are in charge! Let this list of questions act as a guide for you to find the perfect trainer that fits your needs and will work hard every session to give you what you need, because when the right partnership is created, your chances of having a successful ‘season’ become infinitely greater!

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