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It’s no shock that exercise is a chore-by its nature, it is a deliberately destructive force on the body. Whether you are lifting heavy weights over and over, or running mile upon mile, exercise is tough! But, it is also imperative to living a healthy lifestyle. So, if we have to do what we don’t want to do, why not do it in the most efficient way we can!

What do we mean when we say this? Just like anything else in life, “anything worth doing, is worth doing the right way.” Exercise is no different. When you arrive at the gym, with your program in hand, ready to do the workout that is prescribed, your ultimate goal should be focused on completing that workout the best that you can! Hard work for an hour-or-so will pay much higher dividends than a half-effort attempt.

The point is this: having a plan and executing it the best way possible will give you a bigger “bang for your buck” effect than will a half-hearted attempt. So, if you’re going to go through the process of showing up to the gym, THAN BRING IT! Get in, do your work, and get out so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

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