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Every legendary coach throughout sports history has been faced with the need to make a critical decision, at a crucial point, in a meaningful game-you don’t reach “legendary status” without having to conquer that gauntlet! Whether it’s making a gutsy call to move forward with a high risk-high reward play, or making a strategic change in the gameplan based off of what the opposing team was doing, the key to success seems to come from one’s ability to be aware of what the situation is, assess what is working and what isn’t, and make the appropriate changes before time runs out.

That is a time-proven fact in sports; it also happens to be the same when it comes to your fitness program.

When you first start out on an exercise program, and possibly a diet as well, things seem to go great at the onset! You’re losing weight, gaining strength, fitting into clothes you weren’t able to a few years ago! But, after a while, after doing the same thing over and over, results seem to level-off. And this, is where most people will drop off; it’s also where the ones who want to succeed will do what needs to be done-even if it means dramatic change in their routine-even if it means viewing the problem from a different angle:

  • Not losing weight? Maybe it’s not that you need to cut calories, but maybe reduce stress-inducers which cause your hormones to hold onto fat
  • Not gaining strength? Maybe it’s not that you aren’t lifting heavy enough, but maybe you need more sleep and hydration so that your muscles can recover more effectively
  • Not making the time to exercise in general? Maybe it’s not that you don’t care to be healthy, it’s just that you haven’t yet accepted the multitude of consequences of being unhealthy

Whatever direction you have been going, and whatever results you have seen, there is always room for ADJUSTMENT. Knowing, and being honest with yourself is step one to continued progress along your fitness journey. Additionally, though, having a guide who has experience and knowledge in squeezing the best out of those he/she cares for, can only make your success that much more attainable! All you have to do is ask :)

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