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The ancient Greek playwright and philosopher Sophocles once said “the keenest sorrow is to recognize ourselves as the sole cause of all our adversities.” While this is somewhat of a tough pill to swallow, it is an accurate and concise way to explain the human condition of being at war with ourselves. Day in and day out, every one of us as human beings struggles with our own personal resistance in life that prevents us from achieving complete satisfaction.

Now, while this sounds like a bleak outlook on things, it’s also very liberating when you think about it. Facing the reality that we are in a constant struggle with our ego means that our sole competition is with ourselves! In other words, our only concern is to make a better version of ourselves each day. This applies to every element of life (spousal relationships, family, business, community, faith), but also the weight room.

The fit and healthy lifestyle is inherently a struggle (not many people would argue about that!) because it is an intentional assault on the body in order to improve it. So, now that we know it’s supposed to be hard, embrace it! It will never be easy; it will rarely be fun; but, just like life itself, it will ALWAYS BE WORTH IT.

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