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When it comes to exercise, there are multiple emotions that can guide our reasons for wanting to work-out. Our love for our families can make us want to exercise because they need us to live as long as possible, and be a positive influence in their lives. Our desire to feel the joy of success helps us to constantly push our boundaries in order to achieve better fitness results. And a multitude of other reasons personal to each individual.

However, there is one emotion that often gets overlooked when it comes to the world of exercise motivation: hate.

Hate can sometimes be taboo to discuss, but, its potential to produce massively positive results in the gym (when focused in a HEALTHY context) is too important to ignore:

  • We can hate the fact that we are missing out on enjoying fun times with our families because we feel too tired and out of shape; let this motivate us to start exercising!
  • We can hate that our jeans size has crept up over the years; let this force us to do what’s needed through diet and exercise to get back to where we once were!
  • We can hate that our 1-rep max on our squat, or our 1-mile personal record has diminished over time; let that drive us to do what is necessary to improve those numbers and even potentially break our previous record!

The bottom line is this: there are many human emotions that can direct the actions that we take; when put to good use, ‘hate’ is sometimes the most powerful. Keep in mind, however, there lies an inherent irony when it comes to directing this seemingly negative emotion in order to produce positive results: we have to LOVE ourselves enough to understand that we, as unique individuals, were designed to greatly impact the world, and we should hate anything that stands in our way from achieving our purpose in life.

You see, we are constantly in a battle, day-in and day-out, to do what we need to in order to become what each of us was designed to be. And, sometimes, hating the forces that prevent us from serving the world the way we were meant to, can be an incredible driving force to make us start up (and stick with!) the struggles of the gym life. ​

Often, in the game of life, we have to get angry in order to do what’s needed to make the world we love a happier place.

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