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Over the course of the last 25 years, the importance of youth exercise has been a bourgeoning discussion topic. With the startling statistics that come out year after year about childhood obesity, coupled with the explosion in popularity of youth sports, there is a huge need to understand the role that strength training should play in the lives of America’s youngsters.

However, for whatever reason, despite knowing all of the positive benefits of adult strength programs, there tends to be a ubiquitous apprehension among parents when it comes to getting their children involved with weight training. As a result, knowing the truth behind the many false myths that encompass youth weight training programs is vital. ​

Therefore, we wanted to highlight the top five reasons why America’s youth (both female and male) should participate in resistance training programs this summer:

  • Injury prevention: strength training not only builds stronger muscles and bones, it also strengthens ligaments, tendons, and improves coordination; all of which keep the youth athlete safe and resistant to potential sporting injuries during their season
  • Body confidence: strength training not only improves body-awareness (reducing the awkward side-effects of puberty), but also body-image (a strong and healthy body is a happy body)
  • Sporting success: regardless of whatever sport your youngster plays, the stronger athlete will always be the more successful athlete
  • The ripple effect of achievement: having success in the gym translate to the confidence needed to succeed on the field
  • Discipline: understanding the importance of “showing-up” and putting in the work to be successful, are skills that transcend the world of sport and exercise, and set the stage for success in the adult world

​Overall, just like the numerous benefits that adults can enjoy from working out with weights, our youths have the exact same potential! A full life of confidence, health, and over all well-being is waiting for your youngster the day that you decide to put a weight in their hand, and summer is the most ideal time to get them started!

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