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“Take the road less-traveled.”

“I never said it would be easy; I just said it’d be worth it.”

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

“No pain; no gain”

Undoubtedly, during your childhood/young-adulthood, you have heard one of, if not all of, these sayings. And, for you parents out there, you probably have echoed these statements to your children as well! After all, they are not only catchy slogans, they also instill inspiration in the subject in order to achieve success.

In life, in relationships, in school, in work, or in whatever aspect of life we encounter, one constant remains: the best things in life always require hard work to achieve.

Our question to you is: why should the gym be any different?

For example, if you were to take a moment to reflect on what challenges you had to overcome in order to create the life/lifestyle you have today, you would find that many of the steps necessary to get you where you are were extremely difficult....and at times, two steps forward resulted in 3 steps back. This dance of failure, and the difficulties involved, were a necessary part of the journey.

That said, the gym, and your workouts, also need to be challenging in order to create the physical improvement in your body that is required to keep you constantly evolving in every other part of your life! If it doesn’t challenge you; it doesn’t change you!! As the fictionally famous Jimmy Dugan (“A League of Their Own”) once said, “If it was easy, anybody could do it… it’s ‘The Hard’ that makes it great.” Nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy. Further, the things that provide instant-gratification in life are usually the most detrimental; the gym is no exception!!

So, Challenge yourself! Exercise is supposed to be hard, but no one said you need to do it alone! Find a group/individual that cares about you and your success as much as you do, and DO THE WORK!

Your best-lived life awaits you!

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