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If you stop and think about all of the important events that you have been a part of in your lifetime, what do they all have in common? Whether it was a good friend’s birthday, or maybe a sibling’s wedding day, or (just like this upcoming Sunday) a Father’s Day celebration, these and all other monumental occasions we attend in life require us to make a special note in our calendars so that we can be sure to make it.

But why do we do that? Sure, these are all typically fun events that we don’t want to miss, but, at the root, we have an understanding of how important our presence is to these special people in our lives, and so we want to make sure not to let them down by being absent.

The same philosophy can be applied to help us always “be present” at the gym. ​

It’s in our human nature to want to please others (whether we acknowledge it or not). Additionally, it’s always easier to skirt our obligations and not do the things we know we need to do if we think that the only person we are letting-down is ourselves. Therefore, it is supremely helpful to make an appointment with another person, or group of people, to go to the gym together! That way, if we are ever struck with a moment of laziness and try to talk ourselves out of exercise, we have the safety net of our social obligation to the other people that are expecting us to show up!

After all, we are all in this together, and no one said you have to do this alone! So find a trainer, a gym buddy, or join an exercise community that cares when you are present, and misses you when you are away! Always remember, gang: TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!

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