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Imagine you are headed to the grocery store to do your weekly shopping. You didn’t bring a list with you, but you think to yourself “No biggie; I pretty much know what I need, and where to find it.” But, once you get inside, you quickly realize that you can’t remember everything you were supposed to get, and are wasting time going down wrong aisle after wrong aisle because you thought you were right the first time. After a while, you have been there for an hour when it only should have taken you 20min to get the job done!

I think at one time or another, we have all been in that situation. You might also notice that this can very easily happen to you in the gym! Good news for you, that’s where we come in ;)

A good personal trainer wears many different hats, not the least of which is “Officer of Efficiency.” What we mean is, to the novice exerciser, the gym can be confusing: What muscles am I supposed to work today? Which exercises do I do to work those muscles? What order do I do those exercises? OYE VEH!! That certainly is a lot to keep track of, and, just like wandering aimlessly through the grocery store, you end up getting frustrated that you’re wasting so much time without any results! No wonder people tend to stop an exercise program in less than 2weeks on their own!

Even if it’s just for a limited engagement, the direction and instruction of a certified coach is INVALUABLE. Not only do they keep you safe and keep you dedicated through the power of the appointment, he/she also helps you make the most out of your time in the gym so that you can get in, work hard, and get out as quickly as possible! After all, the more efficiently you spend your time inside the gym, the more time you have to enjoy your new life outside of the gym! ​

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