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Whenever we ask people what their biggest hang-up is to starting a workout program, the #1 response we get is “I can’t workout right now; I need to get in-shape first.” Can you imagine if you applied this same logic to other areas of life?!

  • “Sorry I’d like to learn how to walk; but I need to go running first”
  • “I can’t go to college right now; I need start my career first”
  • “I’d love to open a savings account; but I need to play the stock market first.”

Of course you would never use this type of excuse for other important areas of your life, so why should it apply to exercise?? Silly, right!?

The fact is that exercise can sometimes be an intimidating activity for those who don’t have much experience with it. They see models and bodybuilders and think that THAT is what they need to look like in order to even think about stepping foot into a gym.

They are too afraid of failing at the fit lifestyle that they don’t even start!

The truth is that it is literally IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL AT FITNESS! Exercise is all about improving the health of our bodies, step by step; day by day. It is a process that never ends, and the results are immediate as soon as you begin…the only way you can be unsuccessful is if you never start.

So get up and come see us! Whether it’s our 1on1 sessions that you need in order to get comfortable with exercise, or if you prefer the fun group setting with your new closest friends (NOTHING builds stronger friendships than our famous Sentinel Saturday!), our trainers have exactly what you are looking for to make you feel comfortable, and more importantly, successful, in the gym like nowhere else can!

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