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In the world of exercise, distractions are everywhere. New fitness products promising better results than anything else ever before; new styles of gyms opening up boasting that their method is better than anything else available; unknowledgeable trainers who have flashy sales pitches to cover for their lack of actual training ability - all of these things create confusion for the individual who just wants to be healthy! What is one to do!

The first step in deciding which route to take to get to where you want to be is to ask yourself WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH? Your journey is exactly that: YOURS. So don’t let someone, something, or somewhere persuade to do it THEIR way!

Secondly, align yourself with an environment, community and coach(es) that take the time to understand you and what you want; who know your limitations and needs, and work WITH you to develop a plan of attack that is focused solely on getting you the results you want.

The exercise lifestyle is difficult, and long enough, so don’t let anything sidetrack you! Just like a basketball player would spend all of their time practicing baseball, nor should you practice anything that isn’t going to get you from point A to point B as soon as possible! Ignore the distractions! Decide on a goal; find a support system that won’t let you lose focus; and let’s crush some goals!

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