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If you’re a follower of social media, have ever watched TV or listened to the radio, at one point or another, you have undoubtedly come across a “fitness expert” or advert for “the greatest gym ever” that knows exactly what you need to achieve the results you are looking for. The problem lies in the fact that these personalities and commercialized gyms are promising results to you....and the other 300million people that live in America.

So what happens when you have given these options a try for a few weeks, months, and maybe even a couple of years, and realize that your fitness has stalled, but the so-called “personalized” programs and gyms are of no help to you when it comes to guiding you through your plateau period? Should you stay with them in the hopes that magically something will eventually change?

A wise man once said, “the definition of ‘insanity’ is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” So, if we apply this to the confusing world of health and fitness, should we continue down a path with either a charismatic person or flashy organization, that doesn’t care about us and our individual needs/goals? Or, is it better to seek out an organization that will take the time to understand us as individuals, know our needs, goals and limitations, and mold a workout program around those things, all while becoming indoctrinated in a community of like-minded, close-knit people who are invested in your success?

At the end of the day, the choice is yours, but remember: your health is the one thing that will dictate what impact you leave on this world. Is that something you want to leave to a stranger, or a faceless entity?!

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