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There are few things more paradoxical in this world than the relationship that people have with the gym. We all know that exercise is imperative for us to live happy, productive, long-lasting lives; yet, when it comes time to show up and do the work, why are we so reluctant when know it will only benefit us in the long run?

It’s possible that we need to take a step back and re-frame how we approach our relationship with the gym entirely.

For many people the gym is seen as an uncomfortable space. We aren’t wearing designer clothes; we are getting hot, sweaty and out of breath; sometimes, we are doing movements that aren’t always the most natural for us. In reality, though, the gym should be the last place that we need to be afraid of! It should be the one place where we know we can go that will always make us feel better and welcomes us no matter whatever else is happening in our lives.

The gym will always give your mind and body what they need to become better, and will never ask for anything in return. The gym is your very own corner of the world where you can escape everything in your life for one hour. The gym is where you can focus on you and only you without feeling judgement, pressure, or guilt for doing so. The gym is loyal, dependable, and only wants the best for you The gym doesn’t care at what point you are on your fitness journey; it’s just happy that you came.

The gym loves you unconditionally the way that you are, and it always will.

Now, you tell me: what’s so scary about a place like that?

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