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When I was younger and still in school, I would have a tendency to lose focus every once in a while. I would always start out the year with great results! But, almost inevitably, I would lose my excitement to learn, and not do the work that was necessary to stay on top of my grades. It wasn’t that I meant to do badly-I would just get bored, or not pay attention and make silly mistakes on tests, or just get lazy and not do what was necessary to master the subject matter.

It was at these moments that my mother would, very lovingly, say to me “Joseph! What you need is a kick in the butt!!”

Fast forward a few years, and I find myself, along with Frank and our team of coaches at Sentinel Performance, looking out at our community, and see a massive potential for our neighbors to achieve the life they always wanted if they just had a healthier lifestyle; they just need a little kick in the butt to get motivated!!

This is precisely why we are offering our “Fall into Fitness 5-week Challenge!” This program gives its participants EVERYTHING THEY NEED to be successful at achieving their fitness goals: expert coaching instruction, goal-setting help, nutritional advice, fun and supportive community. You even have a money-back guarantee that it will work!

You have no reason not to join us for this special offer, BUT YOU HAVE TO HURRY. Registration only goes through August 27! ​

Follow this link and sign up NOW, and let us show you what you are capable of when you get that little kick to achieve your potential

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